If I were a Chinese, I am ashamed of myself because of this unruly behaviour


“It should have been named as PAU LIM BU TOH, instead of PAU AHMAD. This is a Muslim food product, so JAIS or pejabat AGAMA must stop these people from using Islam to gain large profit from their products”.

When a Chinese opens a shop, he places a Chinese logo, or a character that depicts the Chineseness.

Very proud of the Chinese’s clan wherever they are, and sometimes air Chinese opera songs through a radio, which has several other loud speakers while opening the shops.

Never mind where the shops are located, even in the kampung such as in Tanjung Dua Belas where the kampung folks are allergic to the sound of Chineseness.

However, one thing they never shy of using while making profit from the poor Malay people.

They name their products in Malay character, and in Kota Bharu and Pasir Puteh, name their shop in Malay names.

Dong Zong never say anything about this unruly behavior of the Chinese in this instance. Although they support Chineseness in all expects of their life, but dishonest thing they do to the Malay in this way is not a matter that Dong Zong will look and complain.

It is the times for the authority to stop all these deceitful acts by making all Chinese products given a name in a proper perspective.

It is unlawful for anyone to deceit people using names in Islam whilst the truth he is not. Similar to the Indian shops where Quran and the likes are hung to display Muslim ownership, whilst the owner is actually a Hindu.

Please PDRM, and Menteri Dalam Negeri, stop this unlawful behavior of the Chinese from cheating the Muslim in this country.

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