Nazri Aziz and Adolf Hitler, are in a wax museum?.

nazri 3

The only Malay minister that goes hand in hand in promoting a rival city to Shah Alam, I-City, is Nazri Aziz.

nazri 1

Unknowingly though, he was pinned with a five star logo on the front of his shirt, which may be the sign of a communist at work in the area, where Malays are the predominant populace.

He likes a wax model, and he played kung fu with Bruce Lee wax model and has little respect for the people living in the area who are not interested in those lousy wax models.

nazri 2

One thing good about the Chinese is in their doing of any imitation good or product all over the world, and in this state they are imitating other people’s products such those works by Madame Tassuad in the famous wax museum and planetarium in London, and in all its branches over the world.

I don’t know who are the famous and rich people of this country that I-City has created in the form of wax models. I hope, none is made of a Nazri Aziz.

Marie Tussaud, or Anna Maria Grashotz, was a true France rebellion, and had created wax models of people who have been killed and called during the revolution as a memory of the history. She learnt wax modelling from a doctor in 1761, and made a famous model of Voltaire in 1777. During the war, she went to the United Kingdom and married to Mr Tussaud and retained her name as Madame Tussaud. She opened up the first wax museum in Baker Street, London and used all her famous creations of model that include Haration Nelsen, Sir Walter Scott, and many more from the famous figures including Adolf Hitler.

She went to establish her work patiently and now has branches all over the world.

You see this I-City guys imitate her work hoping that Malay like me 30 years ago will be going there to see the work. But whose works are these wax models made?. And I don’t really know which models that stand in this imitation museum?

Is there Chin Peng wax model in the museum. Or, are these people would cook up a model of Nazri?. Well, I tell you, the max model of Adolf Hitler was decapitated by a German visitor, and I hope that won’t happen to Nazri Aziz’s wax model should it be placed in this imitation museum.

The truth about imitating a wax museum is that I City thinks by doing so it will create demand for the space and its land development in Shah Alam, a direct competitor to other commercial areas of the Shah Alam town centre.

By doing so, the remaining 50 acres of land they own will be high in value thus kill for super profit. They desire to redesign Shah Alam into the hand of the Chinese. But, imitating another person works won’t make this venture as a true winner. They are only good in imitation products the same as their brothers in the main China.

So what is so great about Malaysian Chinese?. None, except in the eyes of people likes Nazri Aziz who like imitation works. In fact they are uncivilized people of this country. 

PS: This guy must be derailed out of the line in the next party election. I tell you, he is not that clever a person as he thinks he is.

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