1Malaysia food festival reveals a 40-year Chinese land grabbing schemes in Malay areas – Morib oh Morib

Please drive through the coastal road from Banting to Bagan Lalang. Along the route you will see the outstanding work of Chinese turning the Malay predominant area into what is today’s Chinese land and property grabbing schemes.

The main purpose of these Chinese is to sell properties that they built, shadowing behind the most important thing in their obsession which is bringing in Chinese into Malay predominant living areas.

What do these people give in return?

A kuih Raya to old folks. And a small amount of land premium, taxes to Kuala Langat Municipality. All businesses and business conducted in the developments mean for the Chinese. The Malays are given jobs in the maintenance team such as cleaners of doors and glass windows, driving trolleys and cars of the Chinese masters. All the time when you entered the premises you would see Malay Selangor Jawa as guards.

That was all that the Malays get from the displacement of their native land to the Chinese’s hand along the coastal line. Kuih raya during hari raya. The Chinese get to drink beers, Calsberg and Heinekein at any time, day and night, swimming in pools built for themselves, snap photographs of young Chinese ladies clad in nearly half naked bikinis, built homes that were designed from the ruin of the Chinese Great Wall, urut konek when they like it, and; all the Malays get is a basket of kuih Raya, every year. Malay Jawa, you are a very cheap person, aren’t you?

40 Years in the making to turn the once Malay hinterland into Chinese areas. 40 years UMNO has been ripped off by the Chinese as it arose from the gathering in 1Malaysia last election. Eating foods in a great 1Malaysia festival, but slandering the Malays for the past 40 years. The same way they did in Morib and the region surrounding it.

Where do you want to hide, oii the Malay leaders. You are truly a stupid cow.

You had given these Chinese Tanjung Sepat New Village, now they take all Malay villages near them. Malay Jawa, you have been cheated by your own common enemy.

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