Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Tamarod and those who like to lie

Lying is a fact of life when you are in a war, or beginning to make the preparation for it.

That occurs on both sides, the appointed government in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

In the first place, Morsi shouldn’t be appointed as the President of Egypt, replacing the so much talked about Mubarak. The Eygpt’s population should know what democracy is all about,and then place the importance of ruling through votes from the public.

When you have an army who controls 60% of the country wealth, and every other person is a member of the military through someone in the military, who receives government benefits through the military, who owns the banks, houses, properties, and all other money making machineries in the country, who do you think that will never support the military?. Muslim Brotherhood.

So when Morsi was ousted MB and their supporters want the power back, but, you know, out of 84 years in existence MB was almost outlawed all the time. It was known to be active of late, and what do you suppose to say about this group when many observers say that it represents all Muslims, but most of the time the story that came out from the movement tells it represents some hardcore fascism.

Recent sit-in protests by MB and its supporters including Al-Qaeda and Tamarod give us a different picture altogether.

According to MB, some 2,000 of its men and women killed. According to other reliable sources only 270 were injured or killed. Nothing is said about the lost on the government side, which according to a record 43 policemen were killed and 140 wounded. Four churches were burned, 13 were attacked and and right now 3 are burning. Policemen who were on duty to disperse the sit-in were brutally skined alive and killed. 21 police station were attacked in the conflict areas, and that shows MB too is using weapons to destroy not only the military personnel but also the Christians, who it has some form of mutual hatred from a very long time.

It is therefore a conflict that arises out of the religion hatred and a conflict for the control of wealth of the nation. Those who died from the sit-ins are those innocent blokes who have nothing to do or to think wisely.

So next time when you see anything that says an Islamic movement, you would better make a quick check on its main purpose before giving your support.

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