Tanjung Tualang a Chinese dominance small town BN’s example of coalition with MCA

Tanjung Tualang a small town which is full of Chinese and surrounded by Malay kampungs is an example how BN with MCA gives the power to the Chinese to hold the economy of the Malays.

Retails and consumer goods are in the hand of the few Chinese, and and the hard earned money of the peasants goes into the hands of the Chinese, every second, minute, hour, day, weeks, month and years.

The town is established in 1900, and it is almost 113 years, and UMNO has never done anything to reverse the town back to the hand of the Malays as they are the majority of population of whole area.

If we use this example of making a township for the population, for the Malay majority, and to assist and bring in the Malays into the commerce and trading activity, as louded by BN or UMNO, then it is an example of a total failure, or an example of the greatest lie of them all the political propaganda.

Any town that is dependent on mining will be a dead town when the mining industry is halted. But it did not happened to Tanjung Tualang. This is because MCA has saved the few Chinese who live in the town flourishing by collobrating with UMNO in BN coalition by letting them remain as business men and middle men.

Tanjung Tualang must be a dead town long time ago, if it was not because of a short vision as the result of the stupidity among the UMNO leaders.

Malay folks in Tanjung Tualang must take a 30 minute drive to Kampung Gajah, to do shopping in Malay stalls. That is 20 kilometers away, or drive to Ipoh for other consumer goods, but the town is also a town infested with the Chinese. That involves a distance of about 70 kilometers away.

I feel sadden when seeing Malay folks in Perak mutter the very words that the state of Perak is their. Whilst all towns are infested by immigrant Chinese who were at one time tin miners. After 50 years of independence, UMNO has done nothing to change the political landscape.

How on the earth do we want to transform the livelihood of the majority Malays when nothing has been done by the supreme political power of this country to reverse the situation?.

If you ask me about PAS 22 years rule of Kelantan and what was the party doing in the regards to the Malay ownership of a town, vis a vis into holding commercial space and doing commercial activity, I would answer by saying that 22 years rule is a much better than UMNO 55 years rule which the party was not doing anything for the Malays in regards of achieving the reverse take over of a town scape.

So then, can we say UMNO is helping the Malays, as the party has always say that its priority is into helping us the Malays?


It will be another 100 years, and Tanjung Tualang will remain as it is today, infested by the Chinese immigrants who are holding the power to earn money from the poor Malay peasants surrounding it.

Selamat Hari Raya for Tanjung Tualang’s Malays. You need to change the people who are representing you as your leaders if you need your own a Malay town.

1 thought on “Tanjung Tualang a Chinese dominance small town BN’s example of coalition with MCA

  1. Sdra Innerblog
    saya gemar betul dan ucap tahniah di atas kegunaan INFESTED.
    sangat terbaik dan amat tepat merangkumi segala gala sifat perangai hasrat naluri tiadaan adab kepentingan diri senderi uber alles.
    LIKES ! 10power.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

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