Making a short trailer is dangerous

When you make a short trailer or video for some reason, you probably need to define the purpose, the need for the video, or by some story telling technique tells what messages you want to tell the people who view your video.

If by using a story telling technique but when it doesn’t give a proper message and gives a misleading message instead the video maker is responsible for his or her work in the video.

It’s nothing wrong with dogs, perhaps Islam has very interesting views on dogs. But, the short video uploaded by Maznah is too short and doesn’t determine what she was actually doing.

By watching the video, people draw a wrong conclusion about her attention, as it seems.

She, by uploading the video, is acting to deceive people with a message to imitate Islam’s followers prayed using dogs.

Further, it gives viewers wrong impression as if she proposed that those who perform prayers are similar to a dog.

This is a dangerous act by a person with no experience in making a video. She should consult some expert to do this kind of video.

And in my view, ignorance of law shall not make an excuse to liability under due care for wrongly creating uproar in this multiracial and multireligion state.

She must state the purpose of her video at the beginning of the trailer so as not to confuse people with her overall video message.

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