Meriam oh Meriam are you okay today?.

Some people, the like Meriam Mokhtar, are brave enough to condemn Malays and their livelihood under UMNO, and accuse them the cause to all problems in this country.

When my great-grandfather and grandma were still around in this country they also felt the same feeling as Meriam feels today, i.e. the liking of blaming others for the mischief they have, in their livelihood.

In the same way Meriam had written about the Malays, but then instead of blaming themselves Malays they had the blame on the immigrants of those days.

The words that I still remember from the stories told among our family members during hari Raya, how unsophisticated and crude these immigrants were, some with bonded feet, were unlikely to become someone who you would like to be friendly with. In fact the hatred of the immigrants is something like the hatred that you have on the PATI today. The same feeling.

But even with so much hatred in their essence, the Chinese and Indian immigrants were sent to their village for no clear reason, just like you were seeing at some of the PATI in Chow Kit Road.

I am sure you hate these guys to your bone, the same feeling my great-grandfather had, when he told his story to his son and the son after him.

Probably Meriam and her other similar brainless critique of the Malay has a father that was born in another country, and that they came to this country in pursuit to let Meriam lives in a better place than their own, from corruption, from poverty, from human conflicts that Malaya didn’t have. Since your siblings were subject to these similar misfortunes in this country now, may be it’s the time to go home.

For some of you who use a Malay name, probably you are also a Malay and probably you are not. If you are not a Malay and hating a Malay in a sense is not going to be a bad idea after all.

Like my great-grandfather, he hated the people who were not of the same species like him. So then, it is quite normal. Because people like Meriam are also the same kind, i.e. the animal kind, like a tiger who mates only with a tiger.

Did you ever catch a tiger mated a cow?. Or, an elephant?.

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