The Chinese want to revisit the communist insurgency history at their home

It was not that very long ago, in 1950, Sir Harold Briggs made a brilliant plan to disintegrate hard core communists from their fathers, mothers and relatives, or the symphatisers by introducing new settlements within the Malay community area, which a code named New Village or in Bahasa Melayu, Kampung Baru Cina.

These 450 new villages are a fenced and guarded community in the country, with the police protection, and the settlements were the first guarded home scheme you found in this country, as we have seen many of our towns nowadays.

Briggs Plan was to stop food and medical supplies reaching the hard core communists, some of whom were the relatives of the Chinese peasants who were resettled in the new settlement areas.

After resettling the whole 450,000 Chinese into these new villages, as they were known, Briggs Plan introduced food rationing in all the new villages as to curb fellow relatives from supplying food and medical supplies to their comrades in the forest.

If the plan was not introduced at all, I believe 450,000 immigrants comprising almost 85% Chinese at that time who were known as communist loyalists would have been forced out by the military operation, as the outcome of the communists themselves.

The settlements however created a new era involving racial and political problem in this country as of today. As all lands were withdrawn from the area commonly used by the Malay, and the colonies were formed as a special place with better facilities than what were available in the Malay villages during that time, this whole episode somehow or rather started had perpetuated hatred to the British rule among local Malays who later formed various parties to seek independence.

MCA was the one who leaned their hands in protecting these whole villages with the assistance of the British.

This program was the first of land squandering among Chinese in Malay area within the Malay States. And by joining forces with UMNO, MCA is still the same promoter in squandering Malay land in the whole Peninsular of Malaysia.

If at that particular time, some of the leaders don’t agree to resettlement plan, we would never see an experience racial problem as bad as today.

Now if you asked me, where the hell you want to place these people of 450,000 or more in order to win the fight against the communists. I conceive to be reasonable for my people, I would say to the British at that time that it was their duty to institute a few ships and ship them back to China. It is quite reasonable to say that kind answer because as you know out this brilliant plan, as they said it was, those who made up the decision that time didn’t even think of us who are now faced with a bloody racial problem days and nights.

When we talk about Chinese New Village we talk about our hardship first, and of course it is very logical to think along that line. The most horrible thing I heard about the whole New Village thing was the gruesome of the communists who by the look of their faces resembles those who had been resettled. So then, what was the fuss about screening a film which would angry those who had to feel the terrible things communists had done?. Almost everybody can learn history, but then by presenting the work of Chinese as the skipper of the communists is a form of henious hypocrisies.

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