PAS played 4D in a 1616 bet, but lost to 2022, 0719 and 0231. Next time, don’t bet on a 4D. It’s “haram”, do you know?

Pas lost Kuala Besut’s by-election because it had a bet on a 4 Digit of 1616, of which the winning numbers on that day, were, 2022,0719 and 0231.

Betting isn’t a favorite game for the Malays, and there are only a few Chinese who probably didn’t make a bet either.

Indicting the voters from rural area as less intellectual than their counterparts in the cities by certain party members isn’t giving PAS a solid excuse for losing the battle.

But the real losing reason for PAS is its major thrust for the battle is associated with a number 1616, which, I believe, doesn’t make any sense to the rural folks, even to the city dwellers as well.

It is because, for the fact that it didn’t win any prize from TOTO, 4D, and all those 4 D prediction companies, it also will destabilise the state government’s functions. Those rural folks also are quite up to date of this fact, despite of the accusation that they are not.

So then, making a joke by saying rural voters aren’t that smart as the city dwellers are, by certain quarters of the opposition party, is truly showing judgment of a sore loser.

Another issue that has brought down support from BN supporters was then when PAS has decided to bring a retired MB from Kelantan, who is well-known as a blabbermouth. The decision however was a part and parcel of PAS strategist, Husam Musa, who is eyeing for PAS Presidency and while accompanied by Nik Aziz, he thought he would also remind the supporters in the two villages in Kuala Besut how close he was with the Ulama, and garners more inward bound votes for his next ambitious challenge.

Of course the main reason for the lost in the bet was the chosen candidate. While a rich and famous, his personalities are proliferated, by some account seen as a very close ally of Husam Musa who is an outsider to Trengganu PAS’s top party line up. Husam Musa’s secret pamphlets distributed to voters outlined how he would challenge the president who is a Trengganu’s leader, and annoyed many of Haji Hadi’s supporters in the state, thus by that intention received lesser help from local party members while on his campaign trails.

Another reason is that people are becoming sick with too much politicking in the recent months, and want it get over soonest as possible.

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