Are there Alibaba in Kuala Besut, if there are, then BN will lose

The post should be written as ..If there are, BN should lose, i.e. Make it loose.

In another two days, we should know who is the winner of the by-election.

BN or PAS.

BN has brought Chinese friends from MCA, to help. PAS also has brought up some Chinese friends. Both parties think Chinese is a great helper.

To the contrary, the people of Besut, the majority Malay, like the Kelantanse, hate the Chinese to the bone. It gives an indication to the level of love/hate affair from the number of Chinese immigrants in Kuala Besut which is under 150 people.

BN has been in power for too long. Despite of the fact that it has been very long in power, BN failed to deliver a credible large Malay private investor to aid in development of any town anywhere in this country. UMNO, a party of the rich and poor Malay, is incapable to stand on its own, and we aren’t sure who will be the contractors for a large election handout of more than RM380 million to the people of Besut. Previously most pre-election goodies were turned to Alibaba and the truth was at the end they went into the mouth of the Chinese, who hate Malay, Malay cultures and their religion.

If Chinese investors are called in to improve Kuala Besut, and it seems they are, I hope, all Kuala Besut registered voters reject a BN’s candidate. We the Malay in this area like to see Malay are improvised by our own self, and help from the chauvinist Chinese is not considered necessary.

PS: It looks better if BN Candidate informs the voters who will take up the jobs in Kuala Besut. If for any reason he can’t do it, then why should we choose him as an Adun?.

BN should change its style of politicking, BN should not make such large handout during an election. Malay never gets the amount BN has promised because the jobs are always given to the bastard Chinese. I hope, Kuala Besut rejects this kind of politicking for the sake of our people in the Malay States. The theory of the effect of capital expenditure when expended in one area will benefit and multiply for the people of the area is worthless when theĀ Chinese are getting much more than us. It is better for us to live exactly as we are than to improve our enemy.

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