Malays become Batman and Spiderman, because of too many insulting remarks on Islam

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, there are many alarming stories involving non-Muslims, especially the Chinese youngsters, who were making fun out of the Islamic faith in the social media; Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The authority seems very slow in making arrests or taking appropriate actions to stop the sad behaviour of the youngsters and in many cases slapped only with a warning notice.

The first case involving a Chinese from Taiwan who made fun with Negara Ku and Islam was only served with a reminder and warning notice.

In Pakistan, a person who insulted Muslim and made fun out of Islam which is a similar offence as in our above cases was imprisoned for life.

In Mexico, when Police and the authority is unable to defend their neighbourhood for whatever reason, the locals become a vigilante and control the area themselves.

As the result of slow action by the authority, local people are taking the law under their own hand. Malays frustrated with the above delay had taken the law into their own hands and became Batman for the very first time. They have kidnapped an offender, accused of being the person who wrote nasty things about Islam, physically abused him, and left him naked by the roadside.

The kidnappers however was immediately napped by the police later.

The thing is this, if the Malays want to be a Batman, then be a real Batman, by doing so, please reduce the numbers of bad youngsters among us from offending Muslim and make fun out of Islam religion. In being a Batman, and as a Batman, he has never been arrested by the police.

Our Batman, however, was arrested by the police.

There are many others who never been caught by the police. The snipers in Kota Bharu, and around in the country. These people however are Badman.

If you want to be a Batman, please joint force with the police. Batman can reduce crime among us. A dangerous offender is of course a person with the ability to make fun about other people’s religion. That is an offense for a life imprisonment in Pakistan or perhaps, by beheading in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, hope our authority can act as fast as it can and arrest the offender before our vigilante or Batman and Spiderman take to the street.

A severe penalty is expected on these offenders.

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