Kingdom of Heaven – Malaysia


It is fascinating when some envoy from the Vatican came into this majority Muslim country and said “We fully support the use of word Allah” on his very first day steeping on the earth named “Kingdom of Heaven, Malaysia”.

When all Muslim NGOs in this country voiced dissatisfaction and umbrage over the statement made by this diplomatic envoy from the smallest area of the world, our very own Dr Paul, the Catholic Bishop, gets astounded.


Oh well, then I remember how King of Jerusalem with a pretty lady’s sister in the famous movie the Kingdom of Heaven, gets astounded when Saladin was preparing to wage a war into Jerusalem after circling the city for a few days.


Then the King of Jerusalem was well-loved by all Muslims, Jews, Christian and other religions. Not long after that some envoys who were standing for the Orthodox Christians from Europe were hoping to widen Christianity believers, control Jerusalem and the region forced enter the circle of the King in Jerusalem. When this intention was successful, and the King was in their control, The Templers used the oppurtunity to kill most Muslims.


May be that was in the history, I don’t know. The one that I read over the weekend was about a story how a fiery monk in Mandalay known as Burmese Bin Ladin (U Wirathu) gets surprised when Time Cover story has detailed out how his sermons of hate against Muslims almost wiped out Rohingya race in his hometown, and in Burma.


This hate and love, and support for a thing that relates to a religion is not a small matter and yon can get astounded with. Perhaps there are people like Saladin among us, or U Wirathu who would get flabbergasted with this seems an innocent statement and would rise to wipe out some place full of Christians or Muslims in this country. I don’t know, but looking at the trend in Asia nowaday, where monks and Muslims can get into “a friendly battle” in a media but in actuality being burned and killed such as in the revolts in Mandalay and Patani, I would not get astounded, but rather I would get worried. Because such a thing can happen anywhere, even in the Vatican City.

A body is seen on a street in Meikhtila

We must see some truth about own strength and the ability to persuade others into believing in a religion. But using other religion’s strength to persuade others into your religion is a kind unfair and uncalled for in any statement.

I don’t really know, but I know pretty well, I don’t like a war that much, just like the one in the movie the Kingdom of Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Kingdom of Heaven – Malaysia

  1. Malay muslims rejected Allah to be translated into the malay bible was because christian god is not Allah but a man-made entity. Allah does not have a son neither do He has a partner or helper such as the holy spirits.

    The christians prayed to a man-made god or the least they had blaspheme Allah, thus they have no right to claim that their god is Allah. Allah cannot be represented by a son or holy spirit nor in any other form imaginable by the human mind.

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