Chicken farming is a lucrative SME enterprise.

At the outset of the Ramadan month, like a few days ago, we, the Muslim, were normally confronted with a higher cost of chicken meat.

As if Ramadan is a festive time of year. The fact is that Muslims eat very little during the whole month of Ramadan as they are fasting during the daytime.

I don’t go into details about the poultry farming business in this country. I don’t know who are the farmers or what kind of race they are. Looking at a constant increase in prices of the processed meat of the whole chicken during important month for Muslims, it is about time we the Muslim going into the business of poultry in raring chicken, or other kinds of fowl, including turkey, for meat and egg.

The following links are a few known studies on chicken farming and poultry, which may apply to some of you the idea of how the business of poultry is done.

  1. Other sources of information.
  2. Other useful information included

In the hope of increasing the supply of chicken meat, the government has approved the import of chicken meat from China. Perhaps, the birds from China are also in talking terms with the birds in Malaysia, or perhaps their flock in a group of birds who talk the same language, Mandarin. That’s before they are being slaughtered.

Joke aside, large Muslim’s GLCs such as Tabung Haji, or JAIS, and all other Religious Departments in the states should consider investing in chicken farming or poultry in a big way. By investing into chicken farming in the region the halal food price on chicken meat and egg can be stabilized during the whole season as well as exporting the products to other Islamic nations.


1 thought on “Chicken farming is a lucrative SME enterprise.

  1. Brilliant idea, they(Tabung Haji, Sime Darby, Felda and gang) can always do it in their huge and extensive plantations….

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