The Fasting month, it’s a Malaysian Tsunami.

That’s a Malaysian tsunami. When each day everyone is working on a full day without lunch. Except Chinese, Indian and Non Muslim. They go for lunch and back after that at 2 pm.

I heard someone from a member of a DAP party that he too will skip lunch and stay in the office until 4.30 pm, and go home to buy foods at Ramadan stores before opening fast he would perform it during the whole month. I pity him, for the hunger he would have felt during his working’s time, and in return he would never get the reward in doing so. I can say with a 100% certainty, as he is a DAP man, definitely he is a non-Muslim‘s guy. So then, what the heck is he trying to proof?.

Is he trying to proof a Malaysian Tsunami instead of a Chinese Tsunami?.

There are also blokes who are trying a spin on the Tsunami thing. Now they have come out with several reports saying it was a Malaysian tsunami instead of the famous Chinese tsunami. With so many strings and links to various websites in the hope that the Chinese tsunami thing vaporizes from the whole country’s record of events.

What the spin can do then?. Does it erase the memory that thousands Chinese in the black shirts brouhaha in the streets in Kelana Jaya?. Or does it erase the memory that gangsters were around polling stations questioning Indian voters whether they were truly Malaysian voters?.

It will never do such a thing. Those innocent Indian voters too felt it was a Chinese tsunami instead. And those Chinese in black shirt banging the flag poles on the streets in Kelana Jaya, had caused traffic jams and a proof beyond doubt it was a Chinese tsunami.

Now he is trying to cover up the Chinese tsunami thing with something more special, by fasting during the fasting month.

The fasting month is the Malaysian tsunami. Not the Chinese tsunami. He hopes by doing that he would be rewarded as a hero in the Chinese tsunami turned the Malaysian tsunami episode. You’re not so clever, bro. I can always read your mind.

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