If they’re arrogant, we don’t eliminate them. We place them for a slow death.

None of you like to even talk about this. What more write about something which may give some idea how Malay reacts to arrogant.

PAS may not like if I say this too, but that is the way they do it.

Place little emphasis on redevelopment, little budget for road improvement, little help in providing amenities and town facilities; all these unplanned town improvements will make sure a slow death to the Chinese community who is arrogant.


Have a shop logo in Chinese in a town where Malays are the master. Arrogant. A shop that sells outdated products for 20 years.

A Chinese shop in the centre of Kota Bharu, is going through a slow death. And the owners too, are awaiting to die from their power in controlling the commercial area in a town in the hand of Malay’s Pas.

BN is afraid of killing enemies this way, and UMNO, because MCA is in BN, too is afraid of disposing its opponents inside out this way. But now, it’s a little too late when almost all new developments in new towns and cities are in the hand of the Chinese, and conducting businesses which were supposed to be conducted by the local Malays.

UMNO failed to understand what PAS has understood in regards to arrogantness. UMNO also has failed to understand the whole issue of a nation building which should in a multiracial society be shared equally, in fairness and in number.

Now Kota Bharu though a sluggish townscape represents a Malay town with its commercial space is proudly shared by all races. But seriously, it is a Malay town in its entity,

PAS has played a smart game if you want to know. Its 20 year rule of the state has brought down Chinese’s arrogantness, if there is such a word, to its knee.

But then they say they like DAP. In fact, in my mind, PAS and DAP are both deceivers. If Kelantan were to be ruled by BN like they used to, the first among others, you may see the spring of Chinese commercial spots everywhere like in Trengganu, denying locals to grow a steady growth, a normal growth like you are seeing in Kota Bharu now.

It has nothing to do with religion of Islam if you want to know. Nothing. It is about living a life, for its people’s welfare. It is about a nation building and about giving the Malays what they want. It isn’t about giving a bit too much to the Chinese, the minority immigrants.

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