Revolution : who do we point fingers to, the Chinese or the Government?

After sixty years, and DEB, the commercial and economics activities were still imbalance between Chinese and the Malay, who do we point our fingers to and ask what our right are?. In fact the share of this important life factor is lopsided, with less than 15% in the hand of Peribumi, no matter how hard the government is trying to dwell into giving a fair policy to the later group.

Revolution is a work to change this imbalance in the economic activities. Ubah.

And who do we point our fingers to, the government or the Chinese?.

In German, revolution was through Hitler. In other countries revolution was through the rising of the poor against the authorities. Here the revolution must be from the peasants against the oppressors,the manipulators, the monopolists, and the chauvinists.

Mind you, the peasants have already started grouping to form up small groups of people and stated to boycott products that are produced by these oppressors.

I hope, our revolution and change of altitude will one day help us to win half of the town centre, or take all areas and control most economic activities that were supposed to be ours from the day one.

May be we have a long way to go but with the helps from our friends in international media who would understand our plight for fair and transparency in our own country against the oppressors and the manipulators in the economic activities, we shall reach our target. Sooner or later.


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