Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang, how UMNO failed to stop Chinese hegemony in commercial activities through MCA’s friendship in government

Hi mate, yesterday I told you how a state capital was monopolised by the Chinese. And the Malay who lives in the state of Perak has no choice but to succumb to Chinese hegemony of the economic system.

And the Malay of the State is very proud of their State. But over a period of 60 years realised that the state capital of them is owned by the Chinese. Is it fair, I ask you.

They need to think of something for themselves. UMNO with MCA and Gerakan, the present government, would do the same kind of development all over the state if they build another new town. They can’t depend upon the Malaysian government. They need to do some kind of revolution so as to clear the over dependence on the Chinese hegemony of the economic system and the ownership of town space.

This is a town that existed over 100 years of so.

Friend, never mind if they say a town of hundred years is difficult for character change. Let go to a small new town which was developed in last 10 years, when UMNO’s Khir Toyo was the supreme leader. Together with MCA and Gerakan Chinese UMNO has created Bukit Tinggi Klang unfortunately only for the Chinese. Is fair again I ask you?.

You see friend, hey you in the UK and Europe, and USA, listen, none of these surfaces in the new town are owned by the Malay except by GLCs. If the Malay wants to boycott Chinese shops, they need to use a bypass road to escape this new town to, maybe, Selayang town.

Okay tell me friends, are these people in the government realised that a town needs a representation of all races?. If the whole area, however small the town is, is wholly owned by the bustard Chinese only, what do you say about the government’s partnership?. I am sure you would say, the Chinese in the government MCA and Gerakan were your cheating partner, and that they hold superiority in the partnership. But UMNO says they are the leaders!.

And when the Chinese hold the superiority in the partnership, the Chinese cannot say that UMNO has denied dealt in fairness, giving opportunity to these groups of immigrants. In fact the Chinese immigrants have taken all the opportunities. You see how bad MCA and Gerakan are as a partner for UMNO. For the Malay.

So long my friend. Tell me more about that. Is it reasonable for us to reject UMNO who has been cheated by MCA and Gerakan?. You know what we should do?.

Is it fair for me to say PM Najib and all his bosses before him in the government failed miserably to uphold fairness to the Malays?. In fact he said he did that.

Looking at this example in Bukit Tinggi Klang, he didn’t do as what he has said he did. Answered he, friends?.

So long my friend. How to change this lousy imbalance?

Revolution?. May be it is a worthwhile trying, otherwise we would be seeing the same thing all over again like business as usual.

PS: Looking at this issue I tell you friend Malays have lost their so called home country. So then, when do you want to get it back from these immigrants?.

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