The PM has the right to speak to Idris after being queried about Jonker Street. He should also respect Idris who gave Malacca to BN

Well, he is the PM. He has the right to speak to his officer and find out what the fuss Jonker Street is all about.

If the state punishes the voters for being an anti government in the last election, so why not?. The state government owns all its rights to do so. But, I don’t think the state uses punishment for being the reason to close down Jonker Street.

The portion of the street, the stretch of the alleys in that field is included in the definition of roads for public use for which all motorists need to pay road taxes in billion of dollars in years. Taking part of it and presented it to Chinese in China Towns who do not contribute very much to the government but to themselves is an act of betrayal to road users.

If the government still needs to leave these people to operate on the roads for which road users pay the taxes then perhaps the government must reimburse the taxes to road users in term of lower road taxes, taking into account the special privilege Chinese who were given to operate on roads which should be afforded to public use by making stacks of money for themselves. This can be a reimbursement for all road users for a period of 13 years.

If the government believes it is reasonable for these privileges Chinese to be operating in this country, the government must also think for us the road users some kind privilege too. Lower road tax, please. To be fair to all, after all that was the line of fire opposition leaders were asking year in year out. Fair.

Hope PM Najib allows what the state thinks is fair for the people of Malacca, and does not force on the administration the dirty Chinese racial politic into play. After all, Idris has given you the state of Malacca as part of BN’s ruling state.

So I must read it again and again. WE LOVE PM. Oh my stars! Do you love US, SIR? From the events in last election the CHINESE LOVE RM, Sir. I think that you know what I mean.

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