Who teach who UMNO vs MCA

Look around you brother. Whats on the ground is a reflection of the policy which the government made.

MCA in the government, for years becomes partner to transform what is today’s affluence affecting you and me.

MCA Chinese hold up the economy and vehicular schools spreading it’s wing of power within cities and towns, new or old. UMNO provides job to jobless Malays in the Chinese expanded economy. MCA provides houses, shops and shopping complexes, and but little on knowledge transfer to anyone else. MCA provides Chinese with high income job, and UMNO provides Malays with lower income job.

All towns and cities belong to MCA and the rural areas belong to UMNO.

But when Chinese want more, such as a drifted coconut fruit grown on the beach that wants more land for its siblings to grow, the cities and the towns collapse into the hands of the communist.

Now tell me who teach who? MCA teaches UMNO or UMNO teaches MCA?

UMNO gets rural whilst MCA gets urban. That was all along MCA ever wanted. All capital expenditures in cities, the money you and me contribute, the old man having surrendered his rural land to the government, and all sweats and tears of the old generation, given to the Chinese. It was MCA who did just that, so that the Chinese could drive from towns to holiday resorts in your area. And many more, and we lost our soul serving the Chinese on the land once belonged to our ancestors.

MCA is a liar to your nose. Billboards at school are still written Chinese, they speak fluent Chinese better than those Chinese of the Communist China. MCA said they only want to learn their mother tongued language, but the real thing is that MCA wants urban and gives rural to you.

MCA is a damn lousy party that you can’t trust. It eats meat and gives you bones all the time. And UMNO must learn to appreciate the kind of MCA all around it, before starting to booster kongsi kuasa. MCA is DAP in a wolf skin.

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