A story of you and me

Let hear it. You want to listen. Then listen. As the morning reaches the end of its twilight night, and the grey light reaches the horizon as the sun sets to wake up, you and me, open the eyes from the sound of Allahuabkar which would then awake your sleepy mind.

Some of you, I would say, would be on prayer mats, and some of you would be watching the time before leaving home in hurry sending kids to schools, and some of you counting the money that was a leftover from yesterday’s expense. We are all in a class of our own. Neither rich nor poor, the kind of class which Sakmongkol said the earning below RM1,500 per month, or more than RM700 a month. And, we are the majority, he said. That statistics count to almost 7.5 million.  The other 10 million, the number that totaled 17.5 million, is another, a lower class than us. Presumably, earning lesser than RM700 a month.

Now our government is saying we are going to the road of richness. Oh yes. I believe that. The house prices gone weary, and my kids would have had to borrow a million or so, for a common two storey home, should he like to stay near me. Or buy a car worth another million, or slightly less. The road to richness is already spawned with richness by itself, but we are not.

I am not sure, aren’t you?. That all of us the middle class would enjoy our road to richness. The government said many times that we were supposed to be blessed because of their leadership. And that we must be obedience.

I suppose the road to richness is only available to some but not all. The kind of persons like Khir Toyo, or Zin Badak, or perhaps, person like Nasir Razak. And of course to all Tans, Chongs, and Lees.

The kongsi raya or kongsi kuasa would certainly help MCA to the road of richness. Billion here and billion there, for them to grab. And Idris Raya, the one who kongsi ideas, too, could drive the road to richness.

Perhaps, it was something wrong in the system,  we are all in and thought it was good. UMNO turns Tans, Chongs and Lees into millionaires overnight, and person like Khir Toyo afforded a RM3.5 million home that was valued RM7 million by some one else. And that the million dollars in the hand of the Chinese would send someone kids with Ferrari and Porsche to schools.

The economy turns sour after PRU13, if you would want to know. And the Chinese, Tans, Chongs and Lees gingering, tails over the heads, whispering the joy they had been spawned by DAP. But they have no money to spend. With a lesser power in kongsi kuasa, and of course no returning job on a wrong bet.

Car repair shops, with lesser clients. And more. The Chinese listened to happiness of joy from a  wrong bet. A short distance of time, of joy. Shops close early, and yet expenses keep at constant rates. Soon, most will close shop. The Chinese.

We the middle class, would listen to Allahuabakar every morning. And wake up. Either on prayer mats, or walking into the cleansing time. And walk to bus stand and LRT to office. The pay is still the same. But we are heading to the road of richness. The government said.


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