MPBESUT Do not allow Chinese to establish business in Pulau Perhentian. Please.

Like it or not, many holiday destinations in Malaysia are being fucked up by small eyed Chinese. And the destinations include many islands in this area.

The only safe island for the Malays is Pulau Perhentian. Safe in term of ownership of holiday resorts and from uncivilized and less educated SRJK China graduates.

There are only two resorts owned by the uneducated and uncivilized SRJk Chinese here of a total of about 33 resorts. The nincompoop uncivilized Chinese owners do not owned land but they have entered a joint venture agreement with the land owners who are Malays into a kind of a lopsided cheating agreement whereby land owners normally receive bone instead of meat.

These uncivilized Chinese the product of SRJK C are known as cheaters in our society from day one. It is not known whether the schools have a subject in cheating mastery as one of their syllabus.

It is too much for us as they too brought in uncivilized living styles into the holiday resorts. They like to fuck ladies, lured locals into taking drugs, and many other similar uncivilized activities. They too like to control transport system within the islands that affects the locals with the opportunity to participate in the economic activity.

In all, Majlis Daerah Besut should always restrict the products of SRJK China from participating in the development of any holiday resort in Pulau Perhentian. Period.


1 thought on “MPBESUT Do not allow Chinese to establish business in Pulau Perhentian. Please.

  1. Ambe SOKONG semua cadangan mung !
    Ambe mohong izin nok guna copyrite istilah yang sangat tepat terkini dan azali :
    1.Being fucked by Small eyed chinese
    2.Uncivilised and less educated SRKKC “graduates “?!?!)
    3.Nincompoop uncivilised chinese owners
    4.cheaters in our society from day 1.
    5.a subject in mastery in cheating in their syllabus.
    6.uncivilised living styles
    7.lopsided cheating agreement.
    8.restrict products of SRJKChina.
    terima kasih.

    setiap melayu yang yang berdepan dan bermuamalat dan ber bergeser setiap hari semanjak celik mata, harus dan semesti nya berpengelaman saperti di atas dan lebih lagi.

    WAJIB ekosistem Melayu merakamkan dalam wikipaedia setiap event pengelaman kejadian perbualan tindakkan keputusan ucapan tulisan bangsa Ah Beng yang suka cari pasal memang cari isu dan menjadi quarelsome politician kerana ada kitol yang beri laluan.

    dengan rendah diri ,mohon semua blogger melayu diri kan satu blog khusus demi untuk mengumpul anecdote . Apa kita perlu—minta lah .
    arjuna waspada
    chankat lobak.

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