If you don’t pity UITM students who will

Those who don’t score good grades but on merits, and are from very poor families, sometimes are selected to attend professional courses in UITM.

Most of them are from rural areas of Kelantan, Kedah and everywhere else.

You can see them being very poor. And sometimes, they don’t know the courses they being selected to do are the courses that would make them a lot better in life after graduating.

They have nothing. Their Fathers or Mothers don’t know the courses their sons or daughters are attending. They are busy to cope with daily life. They are the poor in this country. They live by day, selling fish in small pasar malam, lorry drivers, petty traders, fishermen, farmers, who normally don’t hold a lot of money.

Their sons use old handphone, whilst urban Malays use Iphone 5.

I give my pity on all of them. And congratulate UITM for admitting students from poor family to study professional courses.


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