Malay must know to be great by himself

Value (personal and cultural)

Value (personal and cultural) (Photo credit: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi)

Be great is damn simple. Don’t follow old values. For example if the Chinese don’t like you, then simply you must hate them hundred times more. If they cheat on you once, you have to cheat on them hundred times more. That’s life.

This is a proactive value that all of us must follow. God permits that, I think.

Our old values aren’t worth following. Okay.

If you can’t afford buying a house, don’t buy, find an alternative, rent it first.

Don’t follow our values which aren’t practical anymore. If you can’t afford a car, then, don’t grumble a lot go and find alternative transport such as public transport.

In life, it is easy to have everything under one roof, if you are born rich. But many of us aren’t rich. For a start, be happy if you have a scholarship. No one would give you just that. Use the resources well and pass your exams and become professionally qualified.

Some of our values derived from Islam, but then, some of the values have evolved through time. For instance, very common you see guys at restaurants have to flip through their pockets to give money to strangers who come for donations. You don’t have to do that. We have a system where a donation is to be made. Zakat and other approved institutions are able to do that for you more efficiently. If someone says that you need to give donations to anyone who comes and requests help from you, you must not use this kind of value anymore and start thinking of you first. And that person who comes to you must also learn where to ask for donations. Even God asks us to do certain things before we do ask Him for help.

Our values must change. We shouldn’t follow blindly old traditions which don’t support our new lifestyle.

Similarly, respect the elders sounds good, but when they don’t add value to the traditions such as cheating, prone to ‘rasuah’, then the tradition with us to respect elders ends there. We must expose such a character and let the laws take their cause. We must not submit to this kind of tradition into our values anymore.

So we have people like Nazir Razak who is of the view that Azran’s brouhaha with Utusan and Perkasawere not the main cause of concern, but his leadership style that was the reason for good stewardship of Air Asia for us to see and appreciate and add to our new value.

Okay, that is it. Our value should therefore appreciate that kind of development, and if he by any chance mismanaged CIMB for whatever reasons, using new value we should hammer him from top to bottom every day. We don’t have to rationalize any other reason if he fails to do his duty well. We don’t care if he or she were the elites the sons of someone or relatives to whoever in the government. So, we are also absolutely responsible for what we do and do the job perfectly.

So the old value to respect elders now must end if he or she doesn’t submit to quality work for the organisation or the nation.

We are loyal to the country and whoever do likewise, be they a Malay or other races, we should hammer them from top to bottom. Whoever, being politicians or the elites. Don’t care, we are the same in the eyes of God.

You guys would expect that from this blog posting next. No more respect the elders who are liars.

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