Car price drop is similar to some majority wins by MCA, MIC and UMNO

Car Price drop is equivalent to the majority win by Tiong Lai in Bentong.

In fact some models the price drop is similar to MIC win in Cameron Highland. It like BN wants to let us know that it wants some price drop but the drop in price couldn’t be more than the number of majority wins in the last general election.

It all about following the people who are at the helm of the industry. Price drop means lesser income both for the government and the industry players. We know who are at the helm of the industry and it pointless to tell us that the government is now in “a caring” machinery for the people at large and the government is seen only pumping a small jab on the nose of the Chinese. Its just a show fight.

The government is still the blue eyes of the Chinese, and the price drop is just a chicken feed as compared to the amount the government is making from taxation.

The government is also keen protecting the second hand car dealers and commercial banks who over the last century eaten your heart out profiting from the half sided over priced cars in this country.

If the government is expecting a bigger majority win to drop a larger amount on car price, sorry to say that it’ll never happened.

The government is still protecting the Chinese, the only race which has rejected it overwhelmingly.

Its a fucked up price drop really.


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