City of foreign national: Shah Alam

Well, its a kind of very good thing, when we have everybody in a place. We can see and interact with one another. Know every kind of cultures from far away and these people aren’t fussy to show you their cultures and teach a word or two of their language. But all of them, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Myamars, Indonesia, Bangladeshi, Iranian, and West Indians, Papuan New Guineas speak fantastic Bahasa Kebangsaan. They like the Bahasa, and I feel Dong Zong should start a Chinese School learning how these people learn Bahasa just in a short span of time.

Hi all my friends in the UK, just want to ask a simple question. Do you think fair for me to have Chinese in my neighborhood who don’t speak our Bahasa at all? They have been living here more than 100 years. How stingy they are, aren’t they guys?. How fuck up they are, aren’t they, knowing pretty well they were from China and still practicing Chinese in my country. Is it fair for me?.

You know would be fair for these foreigners to be given citizenship as well, since much of our people the Chinese in particular were given citizenship even when many, pretty a lot of them, couldn’t spell a word in Bahasa or make a grammatically right sentence in Bahasa or even worst, don’t mutter a word in Bahasa. As if the Chinese were the foreigners, and not the foreigners the foreigners.

It’d be nice you know if the government flooded cities and towns in this country with new citizenship, who could be very loyal to our language. Not only It’d be easy for local Malays to mingle around and doing business with them but also for the Chinese to learn Bahasa.

London has almost 60% foreigners in the city, and they don’t make much a problem to other city dwellers. In fact they speak English in British slang as if they were more British than the Brits themselves. Well I mean, many of these foreigners adapt to the local climate as you like. Not the Chinese in this country. They the kind of don’t know how to acclimatize.

My former girlfriend was a Hong Kee, and she spoke as if she were a Londoner in every accent, and we could make up things easily, no fuss in miscommunication ever.

Something fishy here you know, my Chinese friends still cannot pronounce certain words which can make me misunderstood him or her’s, and most of these friends were in the teaching industry, lecturing but with oral deficiency.

The funny thing is that they, the Chinese assessor asses them as superb teachers. True racist assessor because many students felt that nothing was thought there.

Frankly speaking it’d be better for more foreigners spreading in the city and towns in Malaysia, let them come in and be part of our society, be our citizen, and let them vote as well. Its a free nation.

Bring them more, a million or two million or may be 8 or 9 million. That will give us more people as our population is still very small. We need 80 million to be a very strong nation.



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