DAP politicians are liar on Malay vote swing to DAP. In fact the truth is DAP has all Chinasian votes. 100%.

DAP NS said that PR has obtained, or it has obtained a swing vote from the Malays.

The spoke-person said as the result of it, those Malays who voted BN or UMNO were plain stupid fellow, brainless, not worth as a future generation, and so on, but the fact that he or she lied through our nose because the actual data showed no Malay voted DAP.

We the Malay may now say whatever we like to these people in retaliation to their stupid unfounded accusations and lies.

DAP managed to obtain 100% vote from Chinasian. There was none Malaysian voted DAP last PRU 13.

Read Helen Ang for the statistics.

DAP is a liar as always.

PS| Chinasian is a race which Dong Zong is protecting in Malaysia.

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