The Star a lousy newspaper with a lot of rubbish in between news. I prefer page 3 The Star UK. It’s an umph.

Price-wise for both the Star and NST it is the same, but mind you, if you like to use paper for wrapping of any smelly dried fish from Kuantan then buy the Star. It has plenty of usable paper for wrapping. Its cheap though, RM 1.20 on working days or slightly more on Sundays.

Otherwise if you like a good balance reading about our country buy NST. No lies, no smearing issue thus it is a good balance reading for the ordinary brain and you can absorb the literature without fuss.

While good for wrapping dried fish, the first three pages are very useful for you to enter a maize of puzzle, you know, something like, yesterday’s new quoted a Chinese Tsunami and today news quotes ” happy Malaysian living together” without needs to mention about the Chinese wish is to dismantle Malay and Chinese relationship written yesterday in the tsunami episode, you know.

You see, I write in confusion too, just because reading the paper that makes me undecided who should I now trust. Malaysian or Chinese.

That is the good side of the Star. Confusing and more confusing readings. So I mark this paper as a paper for wrapping dried fish when I bought them in Kuantan for home. Otherwise, I never buy any.

Then I heard Tan Sri Zam proposed to all of us, the ones who read papers like that to boycot the Star because of irresponsible reporting. Oh I agree with him and now I never bought any of this paper even if I need it for wrapping my dried fish from Kuantan.

One, its so heavy with a lot advertisement rubbish, and the writers are not good enough for my powerful brain to grasp the news. It has only a few pages for readers. The others pages are for robots who like figures or lies.

The above is my opinion of the Star. I prefer Daily Mail and The Star of the UK, which bring a bit of freedom for us to read. Good for money, or free on the Internet.

Try boycotting the Star, because dried fish does not need paper wrapping anymore. Its fully wrapped conveniently with plastic wrapping.

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