Money doesn’t buy Malay into helping Chinese anymore, so I thought.

Chinese lie

For the past five years, or even the in last 7 years, we heard over again and again about how Chinese were victimized and that they were always living in fear and needed God to support in any each way, at the cost by the government. Our own expense.

They asked for fund to expand their Chinese schools. They asked for scholarships that make for a free study in the university for their rich and spoiled kids. There were so many requests that came out of the blue when the present government tried to persuade them in considering switching camp to back BN during the last election. Oh well, some got what they wanted and that initiatives were spawned worldwide by these people as a buying vote spree.

Goodies spree as you may like to term it however it was at the price we Malays pay heavily,  the rakyat living in the kampung and hillside and in the forests of Sabah and Serawak, and with no APPARENT AND WORTHWHILE return. In investment term, it has no return, no money, a zero benefit, because the whole scheme of asking and requesting was at a high cost and the cost is shouldered by us, the Malays, Iban, Kadazan and other Bumiputera, because all Chinese who had made requests out of the blue during the last six months before the election had cheated us by taking the promises by the government but undeniably lying by voting the opposition en-bloc instead.

This is the hearts and the minds of the whole episode. For all Bumiputera and Malays please remember who you taught your friends were. This the time to teach them a lesson. We can be very poor, but, of course we have some money to invest. And please invest in our own products produce by our own people.

Of course it will be a long way to do, but, a long journey needs a single one step forward. Slowly but surely.





PS: If these people still want to bribe you as usual, please increase the amount thousand folds. Let them cry. BUT please be REMINDED, BRIBERY is ILLEGAL PLEASE DON’T do it. No one will listen to their chamber of commerce, their tokong, their schools, etc, as no one would listen but the opposition, and the opposition can bark at the wrong tree in the parliament. Please do so, after all, who cares about the Chinese. Not me. That is for sure.

You know, surprising after all this unprecedented swing of vote by the Chinese, the whole Chinese got surprised that they only have an egg. Not even an Easter egg, but a rotten egg. Oh my what a shame that now we know the true color of the Chinese, which is yellow, or yellowish. Like a piece of human shit.

4 thoughts on “Money doesn’t buy Malay into helping Chinese anymore, so I thought.

  1. It is crystall clear that the chinese skincolour is equivalent to pig shit. Their character and behavior only equal to pigs because they swallow not only pig but also pork shit….. ed by not other than Kid Tiang Gol, Gua Suka Wang Egg, I Bet Ty Hua, Lonnie Massage parlor, just to name a few…

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