A word a day makes you a Malaysian

Guru: Rolex

Murid: Lo Lek

Guru: Rolek!.

Murid: Lo Lek!!.

Guru: Ok ok, Datuk!

Murid: Lo Kay Lo Kay, La Tuk!.

Guru: Mercedes Benz.

Murid: Mi Ci Dis Ben.

Guru: Mercedes Benz!!.

Murid: Mi ci dis ben!!!.

Guru: Raja.

Murid: La Ja.

Guru: Pukimak lu.

Murid: Pukimak lu!!??.

Guru: Oh, pandai.

Murid: Pukimak lu?!!!.

PS: A credit in Bahasa Kebangsaan is the requirement for a Chinese from a Chinese School to be considered for IPTA- Muhayudin Yassin to Dong Zong. Remains at it is. Two weeks after entering Malaysia a Bangla can speak Malay fluently. Our friends Chinese can never speak Malay even when they have been living here for two centuries. They are truly racist blokes of this country.

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