Traped Zombies of Chinese Immigrants in Malaysia


Hello. All Chinese.

I say it clearly. You are trapped Zombies as the result of your forefathers‘ wishes of you returning home to China. It will never be. Unless, if you like, to explore the advice by our KDN’s new Minister, which is to migrate to the place you think you like most, China if that is the case you are showing us.

You deserve the best thing in your life, because you are Chinese. And, as we are your small brothers and sisters, Malays, we don’t mind if we are so poor and you are so rich. It doesn’t matter at all.

So please listen to the advice with an open heart, and decide. Go home, or stay and be with us.

Your forefathers, your fore-mothers, bonded feet or not bonded feet, thought they would one day be home, to the home sweet home, in China main land. Southern, Northern or wherever your homeland would be.

And they squandered anything they could from this land of any wealth before returning home. They had accumulated that just for you. Use it.

But China would not want you. Sadly. They had a close door policy, then. The country left your grandmothers, grandfathers and great grand fathers with Chinese Schools preparing your home-coming with Chinese history and some mathematics, and some ‘Chinese Cultures” that had separated you and me. Well I didn’t blamed your ancestors for having big hope in turning you into Chinese, pure Chinese, because that was you in the actuality.

You listen to Chinese radio, watch Chinese movie, and go Chinese in all activities.

You don’t like local radio, local music and anything local. Even me, I think. But then, who cares. We are brothers and sisters. My big nose and black skin doesn’t separate me from learning about you. You are here with us, wherever we go.

But now, you are trapped here. Either you be with us or do continue with your great grand fathers wishes in an orderly manner, apply for the China home-coming scheme, if there is any, or migrate back to the country you love most. Of course it is China.

You can leave all wealth that you accumulate from this land, or perhaps you want to bring back some money or other moveable properties. We don’t mind you do all that, after all, you are our brothers and sisters, and sending off our own brothers and sisters, to home in a faraway land, will be a sad day for us in the family. If you must go, then go, it will be sad in losing you, but then, because it was the wishes of your great grandfathers or grandmothers, just do it then. Quickly. Go.

You will have all in place for you there. Road signs, schools and food names, all are in Chinese. You don’t need to change the name of a durian to Musang King or whatever is similar.

Don’t say bad thing about us when you can’t continue doing and toeing with your ancestors’ wishes.

Don’t be zombies. Be a man and become strong, go home if that was your great grandfathers and ancestors true wishes. Or leave your schools and be with me. I don’t hate you just because your ancestors wishes that was never came true hunted you day and night. I understand.

PS: Your Chinese Schools are not provided for in the Malaysian Constitution at all. I demand the government to close them immediately. And as you are not going back to China anymore, and I think you are not, and will stay here with me, then please close them!. They are of no use and HARAM if government monies are spent on them.

5 thoughts on “Traped Zombies of Chinese Immigrants in Malaysia

  1. Saya suka cara anda,diplomasi dan sinis,tapi jenis makhluk tamak dan sombong ini mungkin juga cara Dr,Zahid dan Dato Mohd Nor elok juga,tambahan pula dalam keadaan sekarang ramai si kitul bersama mereka sedang mengkhianati kita.

  2. Best reflection and justification of the doomed chinese bigotry. I pity this lost race under a lost hope. Chasing rainbows at night. Yet we thought the malays were being fools. These revealing facts of their forefathers to enslaved the chinese community to be backward thinking is so refreshing. While the main stream national schools are moving forward, the chinese elders with dap influence and greed had dug their own grave. Lee kuan yew had seen it long ago but the malaysian chinese are true idiots thinking their ancestor chinesity is superior.

    For dong zhong or dong ngong, you have fooled yourselves. Keep your chinese schools and continue to degenerate your young ones.

    Or be wise and embrace the majority malays who are more graceful and accommodative to poor souls like you. Be truthful and sincere and close all chinese schools for your own generation’s sake. Same goes with the tamil schools.

    Dont underestimate the malays perseverence. The malays survived long periods of onslaught by foreign culture but they remained cool and patience. The give and take nature inherited by the malays plays double edge. Dont be mistaken for kindness as being a fool.

    Rainbows are multi coloured and not just yellow.

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