Traped Zombies of Chinese Immigrants in Malaysia

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Hello. All Chinese.

I say it clearly. You are trapped Zombies as the result of your forefathers‘ wishes of you returning home to China. It will never be. Unless, if you like, to explore the advice by our KDN’s new Minister, which is to migrate to the place you think you like most, China if that is the case you are showing us.

You deserve the best thing in your life, because you are Chinese. And, as we are your small brothers and sisters, Malays, we don’t mind if we are so poor and you are so rich. It doesn’t matter at all.

So please listen to the advice with an open heart, and decide. Go home, or stay and be with us.

Your forefathers, your fore-mothers, bonded feet or not bonded feet, thought they would one day be home, to the home sweet home

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