Many Chinese want cabinet to include all races to make it balanced and towards national reconciliation.

GRASS ROOT and the Voters who voted BN say NO TO CHINESE REPRESENTATIVES In the cabinet and all people can now refer to MALAY AND EAST MALAYSIAN reps for government services.

NO NO NO NO NO To the Chinese.

Listen, listen, listen, NO NO NO to the Chinese rep in the line up!!!.

WE are not friend anymore. No more bluff and bullshitting. Eat your mouth out. Did you know that I voted Chinese BN reps for my constituencies? What do I get out if it? You asked about my sincerity? A great question. I am a bloody Malay you guys wanted to overthrow out from the government!!.

Now we see more and more Chinese come in with recommendations to BN Najib for him to place and include Chinese in the line up as if forgetting the PRU 13 result which agreed that the line up must dump the Chinese out of the government.

That’s no reconciliation, that is to give face to the ugly Chinese who at the first place is to dump Malays and BN out of this country’s politics.

Reconciliation means to teach you guys as we teach Kelantanese Chinese how to respect the Malays. Be part of us or get out from our daily routine!!!. No big deal when there are no Chinese around.

Learn our lesson well, after all what is wrong Chinese come and meet up the Malay for government services? Aren’t they have brains and hearts to give you the support the support and wishes you have abandoned last five years?. Do you think only you have brain? If that is the case, now you get what you wanted in the first place, i.e out of the government when your brainy brain ask you to vote DAP last week!. So why do you ask for the Chinese representative in the government???. Walk your brain’s talk please.

Show proof that you can speak Malay well before claiming to represent us. This is the way Kelantanese teach Chinese in Kelantan. We don’t accept Chinese who don’t know our culture. Najib, please learn a thing or two from us, the Kelantanese. You want Kelantan, don’t you?, Learn how to love us first.!!!!!! We do a good thing to the Chinese in Kelantan. We make them respect us and talk like us. Be part of us. Not on the other way round.

On the Mahathir‘s opinion that Chinese needed in the Cabinet, oh well if that is so, the government can refresh a secondary line up which doesn’t have ministerial and legislative power to deal with minority group and all immigrants related issues. Why not, that’s a reconciliation too.

Listen, listen, listen, Dr Mahathir. You’ve done great jobs during the campaign, please get a good rest and forget lah about “Chinese needed in the Cabinet”. It doesn’t matter much to us anymore. We are the young Malays who have supported you guys during the last PRU 13!!!. So listen, get a good rest will you?. Campaigning is over. Thank you.

PS | Our Culture says, you busuk hati, you go away and eat your “punai out” and don’t come back, please!!!!,


5 thoughts on “Our dream Cabinet – DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CHINESE

  1. Setuju sangat!! My dream toooooo…. Kembalikan ketuanan Melayu!!! Bangunkan ekonomi orang Melayu. Jangan terlalu bergantung kepada Cina!! Kita bukan racist, mereka tuduh kita racist. kita bukan ambil hak mereka! Ini bukan perkauman tetapi politik pembangunan Bangsa Teras negara Malaysia! Apa lagi mereka mau???

  2. Lets forget the chinese for next 5 years. That what they voted for. Please PM concentrate on Sabah and Sarawak who have been loyal to BN/Malay’

  3. I hate Chinese (those who betrayed BN). They are the most ungrateful lot. They never appreciate your kindness. Just think back what MB Abdul Ghani did to help them and built up Johore (including Gelang Patah) to it’s present state for the past 18 years. Suddenly out pop this racialist Chinese kit siang and started to blare out his filth and corrupt mind for just about 6 to 7 hours. True enough they voted for him just because he is Chinese. So, forget the Chinese.

  4. 1) Naikkan cukai arak 500% . 2) Batalkan semua lesen / permit niaga sedia ada. Buat daftar baru . Pastikan perniaga pro kerajaan BN diutamakan. berhenti kongsi . 3) Lesen import / eksport juga perlu dibaharui . 4) Bykkan perniagaan melayu sebagai alternative kuasa beli . BN ada 5 thn utk UBAH .

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