Let read the story about Hitler and how he killed million Jews

Jews were minority groups in German during Nazi days. At the end of Nazi’s period, the Jews were almost wiped out, leaving a few to tell stories how terrible the ordeal was for all those who were alive.

Nazi formed a secret military intelligence police named Gestapo to identify the most hated community in the country, the Jews.

Coupled with another secret police all details about the Jews were gathered and placed in a national data for access by all secret service police and army.

Million of Jews were persecuted and killed in gas chambers around the country’s secret prisons.

But why were they killed in the first instance?. According to history, Jews were the one who controlled the economy of Germany and finances, leaving million ordinary German at the mercy of Jews shrewdness in manipulating finance in the economy of the Germany.

A strong Hitler government that time had underpinned some changes in the distribution of wealth to the poor ordinary Germans from the alien Jews who were migrated from other parts of Europe. By destroying Jews then German people managed to a fair distribution of wealth among the local German.

There were good and bad things about Nazi but many Germans still appreciate what Hitler had done to their own citizen, except the migrant Jews.

The story may sound familiar to us the Malay, I wonder how if the Chinese still supporting for split of kongsi ruling in the country with those kind of ruling DAP wants to introduce.

If there is no more kongsi thus who then will rule the country among it’s many races? Whats happen next?. Are the Malays ready for that change?

You must be ready even when you are not ready!.

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