Sakmongkol AK47 writes in English to explain to the Malays why Ibrahim nominated as a bebas.

All Malays in this country are English educated, one way or another.

They speak English everyday, be it in their house, office, or wherever they go. In fact they speak no other language, only English.

They spent time in the UK universities, many of whom were also educated in Oxford or Cambridge universities. Mostly all of them live in and around Raub, the place in which Sakmongkol is contesting for the parliament seat.

That is why he must write in English, so that all of them, the voters who are mainly UK educated and trained professionals, know how Ibrahim Ali is contesting as an independent and battles one to one with Nik Abduh, another highly trained spiritual individual.

As only 23,000 Chinese voters in Raub, who are mainly Chinese educated, trained locally in Chinese Schools sponsored by BN government, he should write in Mandarin or Hakka, or Hokien, so that they understand what is written. But as a Malay he is truly a non-Chinese educated. As it is so, he couldn’t write.

As the result he won’t get the points he wanted to tell Chinese voters directly, who he hopes to gain huge supports from.

Because mostly highly English educated Malays who live and work overseas and in Raub would opine that what was written about Ibrahim Ali in his blog was bullshit, he won’t get them to vote him either.

Next time I’ll write in Russian to tell a story to my six-month old granddaughter. She understands and reads Chinese, Mandarin and Japanese. Sometimes, Urdu.


4 thoughts on “Sakmongkol AK47 writes in English to explain to the Malays why Ibrahim nominated as a bebas.

  1. Sdra Sak sebenar ada audience luar negara saperti Australia Singapore Amerika Ukays.
    sama juga CEO Bersih.
    sama juga bar council.
    sama tony tomoel
    sama juga ngan Air asia.
    sama juga ngan ketua eknomis Bank islam
    sama juga ngan penasihat ekonomi Negeri Selangor.
    Sama juga ngan Ah Beng Pulau Pinang.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  2. This sakangkung fellow really sucks la. He was terrible when he was in UMNO but he is worse now. Vindictive fellow because Najib rejected him. That’s why he’s so venomous when writing about Najib. Sama2 tahulah kan.

  3. Yes. Betul. Cara tulis pun tau. Mungkin dalam UMNO pun dia tulis lintang pukang. Tak der siapa faham.

    Jadi, macam mana?. Sure, outside. No class, siapa lah Melayu atau Cina hendak undi dia. Condemn condemn sapa ke tua.

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