Subang Jaya and the Chinese named Hannah Yeoh.

English: Summit USJ shopping mall in Feb 2011.

English: Summit USJ shopping mall in Feb 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have lived in this area since USJ 2 has just been completed. By then, it was a large oil palm plantation land better known as United Seafield Jaya. We bought a house in then United Seafield Jaya now known as USJ 2. She, Hannah, is not known to me or my community members then, perhaps she was still attending a primary school.

We have a mixture of MalaysChinese and Indian, a combination of which represents the community living as in many other suburban areas of Kuala Lumpur. Our kids grew together in Seafield School nearby. As the result we know each other well, and become close friends. There is no racial issue in this community even since.

Our friendship has gone a long way until we heard that one Chinese Lawyer Hannah Yeoh who came in 2008 as our Adun. According to her, as a Christian, she was told by her God to serve us to fight corruption, racial politics and fair election. She wasn’t interested in politics at first, but had begun her career in politics after serving Tony Pua‘s political meetings serving food and making coffee. And that she did for the past five years.

We have not seen any racial issue in our community but then it was the subject she would bring about her politics. There weren’t big corruption cases in the constituency too, thus the two main jobs she said she wanted to fight for us were in fact none existence then, that left her with another job, fighting for a fair election. But since we have already had fair elections over the past 50 years or so leaving her with no more job to do.

So, she raised a family and now she is a plump woman with a fat chin and is expecting another baby soon. Because she has no job for us, she started to serve the church and bragging with her sermons every day, and I think it is fair for her to do so because that was what her God asked her to do so when she lost a job in Australia and had to return home to work.

At the beginning of her career as a politician she brought up a few young Chinese musicians who would do music and dance troupes, all in Chinese language, the music was very loud and no one would understand a word hearing the noise. Every week we would have to listen to the noise from the music that came from a Chinese concert or something and no one but the Chinese would go and watch. Even some of my Chinese friends didn’t even bother to attend the functions. Out of the sudden there were no more musical concerts and we heard nothing not a word except when there was a picture of Mother Mary on the wall of SJMC, when she said that her prayers have been answered. Well, I don’t know that, but what was known later, the picture was brought to a church in Klang for a close examination. It was a heavy rain that afternoon and some blue paint was blown by the wind that formed the figure on the glass wall. So I was told. I don’t know whether God has answered her prayer, but then which prayers?.

Looking at her photo, one of my Chinese friends said, compared with the one as when she was in early in her career of Adun, then she looked slim and beautiful. The picture today shows her as a plump and a happy housewife. Perhaps her salary is very good, compared to mine as an insurance agent, which is very little to make me grow like her, said my good Chinese friend who has always wanted to teach me to predict 4 D numbers.

We play football, and golf sometimes, and our friendship, within our community is not perturbed, even before she planned to do away with racial issue. But then her work was truly a racial base community meeting because most often than not the participants were all Chinese. I don’t know what made she said that we have faced serious racial issues before she came in to Subang Jaya as an Adun.

So, if you decided to vote for DAP, please consider that we also have Malay and Indian living in this area too. But all meetings are meant for the Chinese!!. By voting the party which Hannah Yeoh is representing, you would throw away other people in the community into a rubbish bin. Their prayers would never be answered. So it is better for you to think twice about the issues this party says it would fight for. They don’t exist in our community, and in the end you would be paying an Adun extravaganza for whoever he or she isn’t doing but only growing into a big size over five years by not doing anything. So forget it, don’t waste rakyat’s money. Better spend the money to build our football field or a small golf club.

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