The Star makes money for MCA taking advantage of the trend, but in the end people believe DAP couldn’t deliver.

We have been informed how the media owned by MCA could have been used by certain blokes to promote DAP political agendas.

Well and good. But In today’s low readership of the traditional media such as newspaper, the Star is in fact riding popularity by writing more on DAP’s line of fire on the government.

Popularity means more distributions to readers and thus more money.

In the end, what has been written about DAP may not sound good for the party, and the “likes” as you may say about the popularity drop as the result of poor performance by the DAP leadership.

Problems within DAP circle despite good reporting are damaging to DAP image in turn leaving with lesser readership and a lesser support from urban Chinese towards DAP political struggles.

It seems DAP gets hammered every where, even in it own self proclaimed DAP fixed deposit of Penang.

In fact Penang supporters too are beginning to fiddle away in the mist of the Star good reporting of the party.

So, I don’t think MCA isn’t smart enough in controlling a media that is supposed to earn money to the company and its shareholders, MCA.


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