PRU 13 – its also about a political transformation

BN initiates a first time political transformation. In today’s time it means get anyone winnable or credible as candidates, put them in the field and as winnable and credible candidates be able to strengthen the line between those who aren’t selected, gather the people strength among the party and go to war against the opposition.

No one is above the other, even if you are the boss. So for the bosses, please be a right boss next time if you aren’t selected.

It sounds interesting to be in the politics nowadays, you know. If I am already an incumbent but, because I am not transforming in my political career in any way the transformation wants to be, I may not be a winnable candidate, thus may not be selected, even if I hold a minister post previously.

There is a good side in that too, perhaps people don’t get to see me on things people seldom have the right to see. May be I eat too much rice and too little vegetables, or too much meat. Or perhaps I have secrets that people don’t always come to know, unless some videos will tell how good I am in bed!.

The transformation as I see it brings people in less known position in the party to be transformed. You know, your assistant or the assistant of your assistant now may stand a chance to become a candidate. Even people from the outside of the party who are in transformation path may even be selected. You see, an independent candidate after being sacked from PKR, and was transforming the Allah controversy issue is transformed as a right candidate to remove PAS’s incumbent Khalid Samad or known as Khalid Gereja from Shah Alam parliamentary seat.

The best known effect of political transformation is on MCA, for which some members have transformed into a wild goose beating head over shoulder. Some even cried to transform themselves into elephants and hit back at the owner pleading losing millions while doing what they were supposed to do, public services.

Our political system now recognises those who perform and not only talk but also walk the talk. Sad thing is that because of a personal conflict between the president Ong Kee Teat, a winnable candidate in my view get hammered out from the list and lost his chance to a big fight MCA is currently facing.

Ong Kee Teat a humble politician in my view should be given to the right to defence his constituency.

Anyway, there is always good and bad things arising from a political transformation. I really hope that the political transformation that is happening now doesn’t affect our winning chance in all states, and particularly in the state of Kelantan.

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