Now is the time to kill DAP asap.

PAS and PKR are just two rubbishing parties not worth for Malays to give a hitch of fight, the ones who we are fighting are that bloody stupid racist nincompoop DAP members, surely all of you will put eyesight to a war in Gelang Patah to see whether Malays win against Chinese or not. We want to win this bloody war.

They have been destroyed, PAS and PKR, all leaders and main supporters divided into big black holes in every states.

These stupid DAP’s MPs and ADUNs are the ones who we are fighting against and of course they shall lose and end up as dead meat this coming election.

A strategist as they said of Lim Kit Siang and that he had chosen his own grave by calling Gelang Patah his home, DAP too is seems flowing with the tide UMNO wants him to be, and be hammered by the people of Johor in retaliation to the big mouth Lim’s only CM of Penang son.

This is the fight between Malay of Malaysia and the racist Chinese PAP and DAP combined.

So, if you think that UMNO is not giving you a right candidate for your constituency, think again who are you fighting against, and please forget about that as we wanna win a big war against all racist Chinese DAP and PAP combined.

Think who pilot Singapore jets! And who are in our jet fighters when SULU thieves launched an attact in Lahad Datu?

Think again, wHo are living in the living comfort of luxury bungalows, and who were killed when Chinese robbers robed banks?

Are they Chinese racist or Malays?

Malays must win and win we will get.

FOLLOW ME, Take your swords and swing. (I mean pen and vote BN).

PS: I vote two Chinese members in order to kill Chinese racist DAP and PAP combined. What can I do, that is the name of the game, killed or get killed!


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