MCA Wangsa Maju sudah jadi Parti Mari Cari Amoi.

I’ve spent RM2.5 million on the welfare of Wangsa Maju residents, but no one seems to recognise the hard work.

The amount is equivalent to a price of a small bungalow in that constituency. Yew Teong Look said though he had been working hard for the welfare of the people MCA’s top brass didn’t recognized him and now he could not careless if BN would lose the general election.

The seat is given back to UMNO. Based on the majority of the area which is Malay, it is timely that MCA shows some kind of solidarity by supporting the selected candidate as many MCA candidates are also contesting in Malay majority areas.

By stating he had spent RM2.5 million, which is small amount in today’s value, only equivalents to the value of a small bungalow of 3 bedrooms, this statement should mean nothing to the Chinese and other voters as to switch camp in supporting DAP.

By instigating voters to boycott BN, Yew is seems so desperate to get back his investment value on people which is equivalent to a small bungalow in Wangsa Maju. People of Wangsa Maju are worth more than the cost of a small three-bedroom bungalow. Sometimes, kindness and friendliness worths millions more.

If that is his reason to boycott BN in this coming election, I am sure MCA big bosses should consider him as a bebas candidate or a candidate not from MCA but from MARI CARI AMOI party.

PS: Now tell me, if MCA has this kind of people around the party, how sure I am that Loh Seng Kok and Gan Meng Foo are worth my vote for my constituencies? Tell me bro.

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