Mr Chua, MCA president is a much better person that any two Islam related leaders

Today’s virility of sex video involving leaders who profess Islam as religion causes much damage to the religion itself. By any count Mustapha Ali’s video, if the person is actually him, has caused substantial damage to Islam and to PAS in particular if nothing is done to resolve this issue.

Doing nothing means agree to the content of the video, but being a Muslim, he should come out clean by admitting or denying it. He hasn’t done that.

Now there comes a question many would ask. Is a Muslim professes Islam as a religion is a better person than a Christian for example, or that of a Buddhist.

Looking at today’s event, it seems that a Muslim is far worst than either of the above religions followers. The fact that he is a top leader in an Islamic party doesn’t make him qualify to be immune to Islamic Laws.

What about thousands Muslims who had been spied and caught for khalwat and fined thousands of dollar? Are the lawmakers make laws only for small fry, and they are exempted?.

The fact that Mr Chua was brave enough to admit and resigned from his government post gives us an evidence that non Muslim is a better person than a Muslim in handling crisis of wrongdoing in which a lawmaker is facing.

I salute him for that. And perhaps, a Muslim who professes Islam should learn a thing or two from him or his religious beliefs to support deficiencies in Islam as in PAS ideology. Or perhaps, Nik Aziz must now set up a school with Mr Chua learning the truth about Islam in and from Mr Chua’s religion.


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