Well, deny it. Not a problem. The persons who did the damn thing knew the whole truth. The truth hunts them until dead.

Latest news on the so called video of Mustafa Ali’s isterikarah was been denied as original but exposed by PAS’s enemy, UMNO.

So Haji Hadi said. Less than a day after the video was exposed virally in the internet which caused quite an embracing to “look clean and holier than thou” Islamic Party PAS.

But then, we are a nation blesses with technological change and that people are advancing in the media and communication in which almost all houses in this country have internet connection some how or other.

The meeting point of the century old pleasurable activity, i.e, sex, and internet, video and all sort of modern gadgets, brings about an equilibrium point where everybody can see or has access to everyone and particularly seeing your action in bed.

This is because man enjoys sex as much as he enjoys food and the internet.

If Hady has denied the video as an original but a counterfeit, let him do so, because he is an old generation who does not understand how internet works, really.

Alas, who will believe him anyway.

Video is an accurate action movie the world has proven as a true track record of the action movies you might have done.

For people who are computer savvy like many young Malaysians are, the old generation leaders should be more vary of doing things they normally asked people not to do, such as having sex with another man’s wife or enjoying prostitutes.

Especially people in the politics, young or old, should not do things you guys say are wrong things to do. If you do, face the music. Deny if you like, but who will believe you?.

Technically you don’t have any right to deny a video of your action, because a video is a product that has zero defect in today’s advance world.

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