To destroy Chinese meritocracy is to destroy PAS leadership and PKR Malays

Although the business sector is still in the hand of gigantic Chinese capitalists, many establishments have been in the control of the majority Malay dominance government.

This does not go well with DAP’s meritocracy policy based on Malaysian Malaysia made popular by PAP Singapore.

To forge ahead with the intention of turning the above connotation upside down there is some kind of cooperation between Singapore PAP and Malaysia DAP.

Latest, to assist LIM KIT SIANG from being chopped off from his political career, it was rumored PAP members from Singapore would be assisting by giving manpower and financial aids to DAP in Johore.

Some analysts believe LIM KIT SIANG will have a hard time, but if he is succeeded in his claim over Gelang Patah, the normal way in cooperation between Chinese and Malay in sharing the government will be a thing of the past.

That is if the Chinese wishes to do so, i.e be on the outside of the government and the country is ruled by only one race.

The one race ruling may be good or may turn out to be bad. England only has one race party being the ruler , though the country has a multi ethnic minority. As the country stands out, it is well accepted by all.

It can be our turn next.

Thats the grand design of the majority. So, let us turn down Pas leadership in all states of Malaysia and reject all Malay Pkr.


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