MCA and GERAKAN are lousy Chinese parties, it is good for the country if they lost all seats.

Both parties are Chinese parties. So far what have they, the parties, contributed to the Malays?

Nothing. Only film or sex video. That was all given to the Malays.

They, the parties, have taken away all things that are supposed to be with the Malays.

Now they the parties members don’t work for BN. They work in tandem and support DAP. They want DAP to win.

So it is okay. We don’t need them in the government. We can start afresh all over again to build a new world order.

No more Chinese minister so it is much easier to promote Malay kingdom.

If a Chinese candidate is placed in my area during this general election, I will vote a Malay, if both are Chinese I don’t vote all all. I will rest and be going fishing. That will be a nice thing to do.

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