Afterlife’s many splendoured things. Including PAS’s Bukit Bunga Stadium ground breaking ceremony.

On April 4, our Chinese brothers and sisters will be sending many things to dead friends or relatives on the day of Qing Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day.

These include burning away a paper fly fishing rod with a paper foldable chair to relatives who once enjoyed fishing as a hobby in this real world.

Tomorrow, in another similar event, Nik Aziz, the spiritual leader of PAS will lead a delegation of supporters to inaugurate the opening of a new stadium. The ground breaking ceremony which is among latest ground breaking ceremonies that count almost in hundred over the past 21 years of the state’ administration efforts to pull in supporter crowd is also for the afterlife. It is surprising for an Islamic party such as PAS to participate in similar event such as Qing Ming. Although there will be no burning of fly fishing rods or other earthly things tomorrow, similar singing and “doa-ing” will be the centre piece of the show.

Instead of burning away replicas of things, PAS would make the same earthly things and place the replicas to mark the event for those who live for many years to come.

Kelantan folks now would realise why such an event is the masterpiece for PAS. It is an event to attract non believers to believe that PAS is following PAS FOR ALL slogan to attract non- Muslim.

PAS is indeed a party of change. PAS for all means that it will participate in all things including burning fly fishing rods for the dead and alive or alike. The party is dearly looking for Chinese supporters to stay afloat. Many Malay supporters have dumped hope in PAS. It’s a party for the dead.

Tomorrow event marks the sending of a stadium for many dead Kelantanese folks who live in the afterworld. Perhaps to those who are living in the Syurga or the guaranteed heaven as promised by its leaders when you vote PAS in all general elections. Buy one free one style.

Read: your story, NST by dawn chan, march 30, 2013.

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