Dap is following BN government’s economic development system, the very system it opposes.

It is a little bit funny, opposing the economic development by the BN from day one but DAP is unashamed to use similar formula to unleash own mega projects.

What is this, is it because the party is a compulsive liar? Sure it is.

They oppose to toll from day one. They oppose to alienation of land in return for capital investment by developers. They oppose to open tender but they do the same. They oppose to give projects to cronies, but they still do the same.

I just wonder what is actually in the big men of the party really mean with UBAH DAP STYLE?

By looking at what they have done, UBAH may have been understood as to take from BN and UBAH to give whatever to their men, apparently all are Chinese.

So bull shit for free toll Dap. You do not have the principle you say you have. You are only a robber after all. Just a piece of Thief from Bagdad. Definitely you are a thief from Shanghai.

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