The exit route by terrorists of failed Kiram Spring.

They, the planners, whoever they are, thought the Malaysian government would dissolve parliament in February. By invading Sabah with the hope of local Sulu support in February they would start what they called “Kiram Spring”, which will destabilise the State of Sabah.

By dissolving the government of the day and reenact a new election the main trust of power remains in the hand of what we called “responsible authority” or people in the authorities that are vacant of the elected persons or the elective council.

That time, the security aspect of the country will be in the hand of the Yang D Pertuan Agong, and some believe many in the authorities who are the government officers have been filled with anti government virus or the opposition friendly personals.

Thus, several NGOs that are of the opposition fronts would then carry out bersih 4, himpunan hijau, and other street demonstrations in tandem with Kiram Spring for Adil Spring in peninsular Malaysia.

The country will be in a total state of disaster, that would require the world elected community to intervene.

Alhamdulilah, Kiram Spring has failed. The terrorists, instead of getting support in a big way from the local Sulus they are not getting much support. They are now using illegal immigrants as a camouflage to exit the ground zero as exodus Filipinos to hometown in Tawi Tawi.

As I have told you Malaysia has been ruled by persons who represented or represent RAHMAN. Its a great name which also represents the name of Allah.

I don’t think anyone with bad intention to destroy peoples’ unity in this country would succeed. Thanks God, the present government will uphold the name of Allah for us, no matter what.

Long Live Malaysia and may God be with you, ATM, PDRM, and all people of Sabah for the sake of our destiny.


One thought on “The exit route by terrorists of failed Kiram Spring.

  1. Now then it is revealed why the goverment has been holding on to the very dear date of dissolving the parliment. It could be that the government had already smelt what was brewing behind the scene.

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