Malaysian and Filipinos must join effort to destroy pirates of Sulu Sea

Like it or not Sulu’s pirates have lost their Islamic creditability with the Malaysian authorities, be from any of the immigration or the security forces. They have lost it for a long time from the Philippine authority, who has embarked a steady war against the terrorists but in a way as not to put pressure on its neighboring Islamic countries, like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Malaysia has entertained Sulu immigrants without great fuss over two decades, some of whom are settling in Sabah as if the places in which they live in are theirs. There are much progress in the state of Sabah that not only attract would be illegal immigrants but also terrorists.

Now as the result of the invasion, immigrants from Sulu Islands though professes Islam religion would face stringent immigration rules as well as tight security check, thus only suitable immigrants for labour workforce and those on legitimate social visits will be allowed entry.

By doing this Malaysia and Philippine authorities may now be in a position to draw a strategic alliance in combating the so called Sullu Terrorists who have reigned terror over the southern Philippine for the past decades.

In anything that is planned by terrorists there is always a blessing in disguise. Bangsa Moro and the true people for peace in the Southern Philippine are looking forward for a sustainable peace and economic growth in the region initiated by Malaysian government in the new peace treaty.


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