Kiram 111 destroys trade supply into Tawi Tawi, prices of daily consumer goods doubled in two weeks.

The direct result of Kiram 111’s incursion and invading terrorists on Landou Sabah is a blockage of trade between Tawi Tawi and the southern Sabah commercial areas.

Prices of daily consumer goods are doubling during the conflict period, and many returning Suluk from Sabah have been laid off with no job in hometown Tawi Tawi.

Already a left-over leader in his own town in Tawi Tawi, Kiram 111, the self proclaimed sultan of Sulu has lost both his support and credibility among Tawi Tawi locals.

MILF and the other sultanate descendants in Tawi Tawi have rejected Kiram 111’s incursion into Sabah.

Leaders of Sabah Suluk too have embarrassed Kiram by objecting his terrorist style while invading Sabah when his army had butchered many Malaysian security forces personals. Forensic evidence on corpses shows a high degree of brutality been used by his terrorists inflicted on the Malaysian side.

A show of bravery and brutality by his men has not deter the courage of the people and security personnel of Malaysia.

Economic activities are thriving in Sabah that bring in thousands of illegal immigrants from Tawi Tawi and The Sulu region into Sabah. Now, as the result of Kiram 111’s hypocrisy on evading Sabah for money has opened authority to implement tight immigration control and border security within a Safe Zone over Sabah. It had been lesser bureaucracy in allowing the flow of foreign workers into Sabah from Tawi Tawi as the people of this Southern Philippine are closely linked. Now. Its a thing of the past.

To fill the gap for shortage of labour in Sabah it is likely that entrepreneurs will be looking for foreign workers from other countries such as Indonesia to replace Sulu people from Jolo and Tawi Tawi, now labeled as terrorists.

Not only losing trade among his people but also losing job, Kiram would also lose his war in Sabah too. Kiram would never be welcomed home in Tawi Tawi or Jolo for a very long time.

To his army bravery and brutality, his call for ceasefire yesterday which was rejected by the Malaysian authority on his face, is the evidence that bravery and brutality don’t scare enemy in today’s modern warfare.

Facing losing support from own people, he too will lose war with the Malaysian army personnel whom he had brutalised.

War is won not by brutality. But it is won by kindness, courage, understanding and professionalism.

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