81 million peso for Kiram 111 equivalent to 2 million kilo rice, or a service of 10, 000 Philippine prostitutes

Kiram 111 is likely obtained 81 million pesos for his part of service in Lahad Datu incursion from a Malaysian NGO.

That is equivalent to the cost of 10, 000 Philippine’s prostitutes. Thats all.

He will probably get all of this amount since most of his army was already dead or about to be hammered if not surrendered to Malaysian security forces.

That amount, a small amount for a warlord, is to take into account of a slow global economy and his already smeared personality. His partner in crime, Musuari, probably get few hundred thousand kilos of rice.

That is the amount given on the promise that he sends his army to destabilize Lahad Datu or Sabah from one source, there could be other initiator.

This is revealed by former PKR leader of the opposition party aligned to Annuar Ibrahim yesterday at Kuala Lumpur.

Source of news: Ng Lam Yong: Klpos.

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