Dirty jobs by the opposition turns out a blessing in disguise for Malaysia, Philippine and Bangsa Moro

Hate it or not, what was said about the opposition involvement in Sulu’s incursion and its aftermath on BN’s fate in next PRU 13, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, after all.

All three parties, the government of Malaysia and Philippine and the most promising authority for Mindanao region and MORO, condemned so called “Sabah Nak Hilang”, Sabah will be lost” heroic incursion over Sabah by those who displeased over the success of newly Bangsa Moro treaty with the Philippine government.

Down to earth Bangsa Moro needs peace for its people to progress and the regional redevelopment requires not only peace but also capital. These are initiated by both governments who see the region which requires a strong support from all neighbouring nations.

Unfortunately, the defunct sultanate of the area still maintains the status quo and as sultan thinks the group of so many sultans retains the power to control as the administrator of the region. They have just done that over a century ago but failed when the progress of the people under its administration didn’t see much improvement, but chaos and rebellion.

When failed with recognition from majority of the Suluk in the Southern Philippine, invaded Sabah in the hope that people of Suluk origin in Sabah would betray Malaysian government to support its defunct sultanate.

They were wrong. Sabah has much more economic progress than its counterpart in Southern Filipina, siding the defunct sultanate would bring the Suluk in Sabah back to dark age.

The defunct sultanate is the stumble block to Southern Philippine’s peace and progress. It had to be destroyed. It started when they invaded Sabah and pronounced as terrorists. As in the US term, terrorist must be destroyed.

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